Research on Improvement of Large inclination belt conveyor in Conveying Process


Large inclination belt conveyor has a certain transmission foot, most of the power loss occurs in the conveyor belt lifting operations. If the large inclination belt conveyor is completely horizontal transport operating conditions, the required lower driving power, energy saving effect is more obvious, its main advantage is the performance of energy saving, and its high production efficiency. In addition, the results of the simulation analysis show that the large inclination belt conveyor almost no deviation phenomenon, thus reducing the uneven operation of the conveyor belt conditions, and suffered less tension, longer life, lower maintenance costs The The main disadvantage is that the magnetic levitation system itself is not very stable structure, need to be further improved.

Although the advantages of a large inclination belt conveyor a lot, but to design a more mature and stable large inclination belt conveyor magnetic levitation structure, to achieve more convenient system control, but also need to further large inclination belt conveyor to improve the overall structure of innovation. large inclination belt conveyor to ensure the basic working principle of the premise, you can further improve the following program:

(1) the structure of the permanent magnets of the large dip belt conveyor body The brittleness of the permanent magnets leads to the instability of its work and the need to find new and replaceable structural magnetic materials with stable stability;

(2) the internal arrangement of the flexible rubber iron and iron boron material, its own magnetic properties may be due to the external environment of various long-term role may produce degaussing phenomenon, the need for further study of the demagnetization characteristics of flexible iron and boron in-depth study;

(3) due to the large inclination belt conveyor belt with its own magnetic, roller material selection of non-magnetic hard sand alloy material, the structural strength of the need for a separate pressure of the structural strength analysis.

The results of the virtual prototype simulation operation of the large inclination belt conveyor are mainly based on the change of the speed, acceleration and displacement of the conveyor belt at the starting stage of the conveyor, and the change of the internal tension of the conveyor belt. According to the obtained results, the conveying characteristics of the belt conveyor are analyzed in a simple way, and the results of the simulation of the virtual prototype of the large dip belt conveyor are compared with the actual situation. Further analysis of the large angle belt The advantages and disadvantages of the conveyor, put forward the design of the large inclination belt conveyor further research related content.

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