Technical maintenance of long distance belt conveyor


Long distance belt conveyor mostly in the sediment, gravel, rain and snow and other harsh environments, the technical situation must be faster than other machinery, the cooperation between the parts will be varying degrees of loosening, wear, corrosion and scaling Phenomenon, the nature of the joints, the relationship between the location of the relationship between the parts and the coordination of the work will be affected to varying degrees, resulting in its dynamic, reliable performance indicators decline, and even cause machine accidents. Therefore, we must pay attention to the technical maintenance of the long distance belt conveyor.

With the progress of science and technology, the improvement of detection means, the construction technology of long distance belt conveyor is constantly updated. All the maintenance systems of construction machinery and equipment in our country have been replaced by "regular inspection, compulsory maintenance and repair as appropriate". Periodic testing is the use of modern disassembled technology to detect equipment and equipment, regular detection of large dip belt conveyor parts of the technical situation to replace the past only by the experience of the practice of diagnosis. First, after a certain period of time in the long distance belt conveyor, according to the required technical conditions of the comprehensive testing, through the detection of large dip belt conveyor to maintain the contents of the operation, operating range and depth, so that maintenance operations more targeted to prevent the transition Maintenance, thereby reducing maintenance costs. Second, this method can be applied to the maintenance of regular vehicle sampling, supervision and maintenance quality.

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