The role of commercial concrete mixing plant dispatching


The role of scheduling in the commercial concrete mixing plant is reflected in the following aspects:

1, to coordinate the production site and the quality of all aspects of technology and commercial concrete mixing plant between the relevant departments of the convergence of the site to ask the question to the most satisfactory answer.

2, coordinate the mixing station between the various departments of mutual cooperation, so that the production of a main line to the normal operation.

3, according to the construction of the situation, the mixing station to the site of the distance and traffic conditions, reasonable arrangements for the number of vehicles. Under normal circumstances, with pumping distance should be equipped with more vehicles. In the case of pumping, the production must not be broken for a long time, even in special circumstances, should also ensure that each pump at least a car to ensure that the concrete pump cycle.

4, when the product concrete mixing plant inside and outside, and the site of the sudden situation, such as the mixer failure, the vehicle midway failure, the scene power failure, etc., the dispatch should ensure that the production can be carried out to ensure the quality of concrete under the premise of resolving In order to achieve the best results.

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