Motor Selection of Tradition and New Large inclination belt conveyor


The rollers of the large inclination belt conveyor pass through the ends of the shaft of the centerline of the roll and are fixed to the supports on both sides of the shaft. Such rollers are arranged at regular intervals to form a large inclination belt conveyor. The roller may also be referred to as a roller or a roller, which is formed by filling a rolling bearing at both ends of a hollow tube. The traditional large inclination belt conveyor is based on the roller as the carrier, in the course of operation, by driving the roller and transport objects between the friction, the drive device and the organically combine to complete the energy between the two Transfer function, to achieve the purpose of transporting objects.

According to the different driving methods, large inclination belt conveyor can be divided into two categories, namely: gravity (drive) large inclination belt conveyor and power (drive) large inclination belt conveyor. Gravity large inclination belt conveyor is the use of its own weight to continuously transport items of transport machinery, when the conveyor was tilted state can use its own weight transport items, the advantage is no power, low maintenance costs, simple structure, easy to change the layout As well as low prices and so on. Power is a large inclination belt conveyor is powered by the motor transmission machinery, it will drive the power of the motor, through the chain, belt and other intermediate transmission mechanism to the roller, which drives the roller rotation to transport items of machinery.

The traditional large inclination belt conveyor is a group of or more sets of rollers spliced together to install the transport channel in the production line to transport objects. With the same classification of the above, the traditional large inclination belt conveyor is divided into no power drive and power drive two. No power drive can only be driven by manpower, power drive is divided into a separate drive and group drive two, a separate drive is driven by a motor roller, mainly by the motor, reducer, coupling and roller, Safety protection devices and electrical control systems and other components.

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