Large commodity mobile concrete mixing plant common problems


Large commodity mobile concrete mixing plant more common problems:
1, concrete mixing plant equipment itself in the equipment, protective equipment, there is doubt on the composition of the security of the operators threat;
2, the construction site is not safe, there is leakage appearance, and then constitute the electric shock side;
3, all kinds of concrete mixing plant, should be one-way rotation for mixing;
4, before starting the work, first check the electrical equipment insulation and grounding is not outstanding, pulley protection equipment is not lacking;
5, before feeding should be recommended to work before the work to be normal after the feed in the mixing; if halfway suddenly continuous mixing, the material should be removed first; from scratch, the hopper may not material, it is necessary to no-load proposal;
6, construction workers in violation of operating procedures, illegal work and constitute the basis of personal harm based;
7, concrete mixing plant should be flat in the equipment and through the tamping, mechanical equipment to be stable and robust;
8, hopper should be a safe hook, starting to stop when the need to hang a security hook;
9, concrete mixing plant under the hopper obstruction station, non-operating personnel shall not start the machine.
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