Research on Conveyor Track of long distance belt conveyor in Mountain Orchard


According to China s national conditions and the development trend of agricultural mechanization, the National Citrus Industry Technology System Mechanical Research Laboratory Huazhong Agricultural University team developed a variety of suitable for mountain transportation of long distance belt conveyor, suitable for large slope (not more than 60 ¡ã) transport remote control Traction single orbit orchard long distance belt conveyor and trackless orchard long distance belt conveyor, suitable for slow slope (not greater than 35 ¡ã) self-propelled single orbit orchard long distance belt conveyor and double orbit orchard long distance belt conveyor The

The existing traction monorail long distance belt conveyor works on the uphill rely on the motor power to drive the drum rotation, reel winding wire rope trailer up, downhill rely on gravity to drive the trailer down, reel to a certain Speed out of the wire rope, wire rope required to roll out the speed must be less than the speed of the trailer down, otherwise the rope will be rampant phenomenon, will affect the follow-up use, so it can only be applied to steep slopes, can not be used in the gentle slope. Due to the complex terrain of the mountain orchard, the terrain of the orchard is steep and slow, so the application of the remote traction monorail long distance belt conveyor is restricted. Based on the existing large-scale remote traction single-track long distance belt conveyor on the basis of a new program design, and remote control box was improved, so that the terrain is not limited, while more secure and reliable.

Considering the transformation of the electric winch reel part of the traction monorail large dip belt conveyor, instead of the reel winding wire rope by the drive wheel pair, it is only necessary to make a slight change in the wire rope winding method on the wheel of the drive wheel. In the later key components The design will be elaborated.

The improved long distance belt conveyor in the track above the corresponding adjustment, mainly in the track bracket on the installation of vertical and sheave, to ensure that the wire rope running under the track, wire rope staggered around the drive wheel, one end and And the other end is connected with the ribs below the trailing rear of the trailer, when the motor is rotating or reversing, the brake is released, and the reducer is driven by the coupling with the brake wheel, After the decelerator is decelerated, the drive wheel is driven by the low speed shaft to rotate the wire rope on or around the drive wheel pair, and the friction force generated by the wire rope traction trailer is up or down. When the motor stops rotating, rely on the brake to brake the high-speed shaft brake wheel, so that the trailer parked on the track.

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