Accident Analysis and Prevention of Long distance belt conveyor


the reason

1. The cause of the fire

Downhole belt conveyor is the main fire prone area of the mine, because of its sudden, rapid development, the threat to the underground staff, and even the expansion of the fire caused by the possibility of gas explosion. The cause of the fire is that the heat source has enough heat to burn the tape. Slip is a major factor in generating enough heat, slipping is due to tape loose, large load or tape jamming caused by the tape is due to the tensioning device is too tight and the elasticity of the tape is too large; One is due to heavy load start, the second is due to the load is too large, the third is the tape and the active roller, driven roller between the roller roller friction is too small, such as the inner surface of the tape with water or oil, driven roller bearing damaged Roller damage; tape jam is mainly buried in coal or sludge tape, so that tape can not run. In addition, electrical equipment explosion, wire short circuit may also cause the conveyor fire.

2. Cause of tape deviation accident

Long distance belt conveyor running time is the most common fault. Often deviation occurs, will affect the service life of the conveyor, serious downtime or may lead to casualties. There are three main reasons for the deviation of the tape: First, the equipment itself, such as drum cylindrical cylindrical degree of large error, idler rotation is not flexible, active roller and driven roller axis parallelism error and so on; Second, the installation and commissioning aspects, such as drums, rollers, rack installation does not meet the specifications, and the location of the deviation of the deviation of the mouth, resulting in tape bias to make it deviation; Third, maintenance, mainly due to cleaning is not timely, Machine drum machine roller on the stained with coal dust, resulting in local diameter become larger tape deviation.

3 causes of tearing

Tape tear the main reason: First, the funnel wear serious, resulting in gangue and coal block directly hit the tape or gangue and other items card tape caused by tearing; Second, the tape was seriously deviated scratching; Third, the tape joint strength is too low Or because the load is too large to break the tape joints.


Fire prevention

1) the use of flame retardant tape, even if a fire, but also to control the fire will not be rapid development.

2) to strengthen the maintenance of electrical equipment to prevent fire caused by electrical accidents.

3) to strengthen management, to keep the roadway clean, no floating coal on the tape, no water, no oil, no debris, nose, tail no heap coal. Improve the quality of operation and maintenance personnel, to maintain a good running state of the conveyor.

4) Conveyors are equipped with inspection and monitoring devices such as drive rollers and driven drum temperature monitoring devices, smoke alarms and automatic sprinklers in the event of fire.

Deviation prevention

1) to buy qualified products identified by the state, to avoid the equipment manufacturing accuracy is not enough to cause tape deviation accident.

2) installation process to pay attention to the installation of dimensional accuracy:

A. Installation and commissioning found in the drum at the deviation, should correct the roller level and equality, drive roller, steering roller installation requirements of its width center line and tape center line coincidence of not more than 2mm, the axis line and tape The vertical dimension of the center line does not exceed two thousandths of the width of the drum, and the level of the drum shaft does not exceed 0.3 / 1000.

B. If the tape is found to be unilateral to the side, the roller holder should be adjusted.

C. If the tape is found in the no-load when not running, and heavy load to the side of the deviation, indicating that the tape appears partial load, should adjust the location of the coal bumper.

3) to strengthen the daily maintenance:

A. Timely removal of the conveyor drum, roller, feeder and other major parts of the coal dust, to prevent the roller, the roller on the sticky coal dust lead to tape deviation.

B. Timely adjustment of the tape in the operation of the deviation occurred in time to check the edge of the tape and the joints of the wear and tear, found that the timely replacement and repair problems.

4) installed tape deviation monitoring device, once the tape deviation on the issue of an alarm signal to remind maintenance personnel to take measures.

Prevention of tearing accident

1) timely repair has been worn funnel, to avoid gangue and coal block directly to the tape.

2) timely handling deviation fault, so as not to tear tape.

3) set the tape longitudinal tear monitoring device, found that failure in a timely manner.

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