What are the metering control systems for the commercial concrete mixing plant


In general, the control mode of the commodity commercial concrete mixing plant metering mode is composed of electronic speed belt scale or spiral scale. The most obvious characteristic of this kind of control mode is that there is no connection between the proportions of various materials. Of the measurement are independent of the control unit, mainly through the commercial concrete mixing plant equipment, the total production capacity and the rated ratio of the material to be controlled, this automated control system in the actual application process there is a certain defect.

First of all, this control mode requires continuous and stable supply of materials under the conditions, in order to ensure the stability of the gradation, in order to ensure the accuracy of the material ratio. However, in the actual operation of the equipment, often the material supply system is not smooth, the ingredients are not stable and stable supply of the situation, so the actual use of such control mode, there will be reduced material ratio.

Second, although each metering control unit can work independently, and PID automatic cycle, but because of the non-contact unit can not achieve the material of the ratio of control, resulting in gradation instability.
The key factor in the uneven mixing of the commercial commercial concrete mixing plant mixes is that the number of turns in the stirrer can not be changed. Through the analysis of the above reasons, we should change the control mode of the whole device to solve the above problems, and further consider the use of programmable logic controller (PLC), change the number of stirring shaft rotation, improve the control system automatic control function , To improve the technical performance of equipment.

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