Maintenance of tube belt conveyor


1. Tube belt conveyor should be fixed during the course of work. Careers must be familiar with the general technical knowledge and performance of the conveyor.

2. Enterprises should be developed conveyor should be "equipment maintenance, overhaul, safe operation procedures" in order to watch personnel to comply. Careers must have a shift system.

3. To the tube belt conveyor feeding should be uniform, not too much material leaving the feed funnel filled with material and overflow.

4. During the work of the conveyor, non-custodial personnel shall not be close to the machine, no person shall touch any rotating parts. In the event of a fault, the operation must be stopped immediately to eliminate the malfunction. If not easy to immediately eliminate but no major impact on the work of the defects should be recorded, to be repaired when the elimination.

5. Care of the conveyor, the components should always observe the operation of the situation, check the connection bolts everywhere, found loose and timely tightening. But absolutely prohibit the operation of the conveyor, the conveyor running parts of the cleaning and repair.

6. The tail assembly of the screw tension device should be adjusted to keep the conveyor belt with normal working tension. Careers should always observe the work of the conveyor belt, local damage should be depending on the degree of damage (both whether the impact on production) and decide whether to replace immediately or to be replaced when the replacement of new. The conveyor belt should be used as the wear and tear.

7. Care when the tube belt conveyor is to observe its working condition, cleaning, lubrication and inspection adjustment screw tension device and other sporadic work.

8. Tube belt conveyor under normal circumstances should be started without load, after the material unloading parking.

9. Conveyor in addition to the use of the process to maintain normal lubrication and replacement of individual damaged parts, each 6 months must be fully overhauled. Maintenance must be eliminated in the use and records of defects, the replacement of damaged parts and the replacement of lubricants and so on.

10. Enterprises can be based on the working conditions of the conveyor to develop maintenance cycle.

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