Wear Problems of Equipment for Mobile concrete mixing plant


Mobile concrete mixing plant equipment may be due to micro-vibration, sliding, shock, abrasions, erosion and other wear. So that the electromagnetic brake is not reliable, the frequency of failure.
1. Due to the non-enclosed cover, due to dust, vibration, partial or overfill caused by hopper on the hopper spill, cement, gravel filled with brake clearance, brake slippage, the brake plate prematurely damaged. When the gravel dust is too much, the brake gap disappears, the motor is running in the semi-brake state, running resistance increases, the motor overload.
2. Silicon rectifier components due to overload and obstruction of the street to attract, resulting in excessive current and instantaneous large current shock or burn short circuit. The
The gap is not easy to adjust, the gap is too large, do not hold the gate, when the hopper up halfway parking operation, due to brake failure, hopper full load anti- Turn to slow down the drop into the pit, a serious threat to the surrounding staff on the job.
4. Maintenance personnel need to often shut down to adjust the brake clearance to clean up foreign bodies, workers labor heavy, affecting the progress of construction, production efficiency is low.
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