The structure of the belt conveyor


General belt conveyor by the conveyor belt, roller, roller and drive devices, brakes, tensioning device, loading, unloading, cleaning devices and other devices.


Commonly used rubber belt and plastic belt with two kinds. Rubber belt for working environment temperature -15 ~ 40 ¡æ between. Material temperature does not exceed 50 ¡æ, more than 50 ¡æ when ordering to inform manufacturers, you can use high temperature conveyor belt. The inclination of the pellets is 12 ¡ã to 24 ¡ã. For large dip conveyor belt available. Plastic belt with oil, acid, alkali and other advantages, but for the climate of poor adaptability, easy to slip and aging. Bandwidth is the main technical parameter of belt conveyor.


Slotted roller, flat idler, aligning roller, buffer roller. The grooved roller (consisting of 3 rollers) supports the bearing branch for conveying the particulate material; the aligning roller is used to adjust the lateral position of the belt to avoid deviation; the cushioning roller is mounted at the receiving material to reduce The impact of the material on the belt.


Sub-drive roller and re-direction roller. Driving the drum is the main part of the transmission power. Separate drum (tape to drum of the package angle of 210 ¡ã ~ 230 ¡ã), double drum (angle of 350 ¡ã) and multi-drum (for high power) and so on.

Tensioning device

Its role is to make the conveyor belt to the necessary tension, so as not to slip on the drive roller, and the conveyor belt between the roller to ensure that the deflection within the specified range. Including a screw tensioning device, a heavy hammer tensioning device, a car tensioning device.

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