Large inclination belt Conveyor four major part of the role


Large inclination belt Conveyor is used to convey traction and carry the goods to be transported, mainly with rubber bands or plastic belts.

In general, if the temperature is high, then will use ordinary fabric core rubber band. While the low temperature which is suitable for plastic conveyor belt.

The role of the roller is to support the conveyor belt and the material on the belt, reducing the conveyor belt sag, so that it can be stable operation.

Roller type mainly slotted roller, flat roller, buffer roller and aligning roller and so on.

Belt conveyor drive device by the motor, coupling or hydraulic coupling, reducer, drive roller and other components, with inclined section of the belt conveyor should also be required as a brake or backstop.

Small size, low cost, reliable operation of the advantages of the drive device is a significant feature.

In the event of load shutdown, in order to prevent the tilt of the conveyor conveyor belt in the role of cargo under the reverse movement, causing material back, should be based on the specific circumstances in the drive device at the brake device. Commonly used roller backstop, belt backstop, tile brakes and so on.

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