Standard for Wear Process of Mechanical Gear for Commercial concrete mixing plant


1. Commercial concrete mixing plant failure phenomenon
Tooth wear caused by gear meshing gap is too large, the motor running shock, vibration, issued a "crash, crash" sound. The higher the speed, the greater the sound, will affect the gas phase.
2. Reason for failure of commercial concrete mixing plant
Gears due to long-term use of excessive wear, so that the gap increases; gear surface processing accuracy is not enough, hardness does not meet the standard requirements; poor lubrication, oil impurities, will accelerate wear.
3. Commercial concrete mixing plant troubleshooting
Toothed defects can be found directly by external observation. The wear of the teeth can be tested with a special gage. But in the actual repair work, often used to check a pair of gear meshing gap to reflect the gear wear situation. When checking the meshing gap with the lead-pressure method, select the lead (fuse) diameter is slightly larger than the meshing gap, placed in the middle of the two gears, turn the gear so that the teeth after rolling out, measure the thickness. The meshing gap of the gear is generally 0. 15-0. 35 mm. If the meshing gap exceeds 0.50 mm, it should be adjusted or replaced. When the gears are more than 0.1mm, replace the new parts.
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