Advantages and Disadvantages of Large inclination belr conveyor


Large inclination belr conveyor because it is full use of space, but also with the role of the ground with. So it has been widely used in mass production of modern factories. It is suitable for industrial manufacturing (which is especially suitable for industrial sectors such as foundry, assembly, automobile manufacturing, food, textile, rubber and building materials etc. Suspension Belt Conveyor is a continuous conveyor for space operations for interior or individual The continuous flow of the workpiece between the workshop is continuous, and the process of the workpiece can be carried out continuously in the continuous process of flowing water, and can work in harsh environments such as high temperature, harmful media and so on.

The advantages of hanging belt conveyors are:
1, with a space, can be arranged in any direction of space, easy to adapt to the process of change, and in the delivery process to complete a certain process operation,
2, can do long-distance transport, the range can be from a few meters to a few hundred meters, when the use of multi-machine drive up to 1km or so,
3, the goods to be transported in the characteristics, shape, size (length from a few millimeters to several meters) and quality (from less than 1kg to several tons, etc. can be varied.
4, can be fixed in the plant on the building, the layout of the ground equipment and production work has no impact or impact difficult. Thus improving the economy of the ground production area,
5, it is possible to eliminate the intermediate storage between the various processes, because the entire suspension conveyor itself can directly make the workpiece to form the activities of the storage.
6, less power consumption.
The disadvantage of a hanging belt conveyor is that the workpiece or material is moved in the height direction during loading and unloading. So it is difficult to achieve automation. General light items by the artificial loading and unloading, cumbersome just need to use a variety of lifting equipment and dedicated lifting platform, as well as the conveyor and loading and unloading materials convenient. In addition, the cost of the suspension conveyor is higher. Suspension conveyor running speed as o.5 ~ 15m / min, high-speed operation up to 20mlmin or so.

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