Treatment of Several Common Faults in Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant


People have serious illness and disaster, the same equipment and equipment, and sometimes there will be some unavoidable problems such as failure, usually there will be customers to inquire the mobile concrete mixing plant equipment, some of the fault handling methods, talentedsky in this general finishing some common faults and Analysis of the situation for our customers to understand.

In the mobile concrete mixing plant equipment, concrete mixer is the most important core equipment, which determines the productivity of the mixing station and the quality of mobile concrete mixing plant equipment is good or bad. In the past few years the market is mainly common with a single roller mixer, because the drum mixer low productivity, stirring speed is slow and uneven, and now the mobile concrete mixing plant equipment are basically used in the double horizontal axis forced mixer to do Core mixer, which is characterized by high efficiency, stirring evenly, the noise is small. Concrete mixing station equipment in operation, how many will appear different conditions, the following we come to introduce the mixer often what problems and solutions.

First, the analysis of the causes of the boring machine of the mixer
1, feeding too much, causing the mixer load is too large;
2, the triangular drive belt is too loose, so that the transmission system is inefficient;
3, the mixing system between the blade and the liner is too large, the mixing process, increasing the resistance;
4, stirring the host cover security clearance switch was vibration loose, causing downtime.

Second, what causes the mixer to hold the shaft?
1, may be the location of raw materials feeding problem, stirring the concrete used by the boring mainly sand and gravel aggregate, fly ash, bulk cement, water and admixture, raw materials such as cement gravel sand meet the water, if the mixing is not sufficient Will be easy to stick to the stirring shaft, if the direction of the cement inlet position is unreasonable, the mixing shaft can not be quickly and fully stirred, it is easy to form a bearing phenomenon.
2, at the end of the production is not only timely cleaning the mixer inside, or cleaning is not clean, resulting in the surface of the stirring shaft is still residual concrete, dry and solidified on the stirring shaft, long-term so very easy to produce axle phenomenon, it is recommended in the concrete After the mixing station equipment is used, the inside of the mixer is cleaned in time to prevent such occurrence.

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