Proper maintenance of large inclination belt conveyor


The daily maintenance work of the large inclination belt conveyor is quite important. So how is the maintenance of the right? Here to explain for everyone.
1. During the operation, should pay attention to prevent tape deviation, so that tape always in the center line operations.
2. Check the rubber scraper of the cleaning device, whether it is seriously worn and can not be in close contact with the tape, if any should be adjusted or replaced rubber scraper.
3. Check the tape joint parts are abnormal, such as cuts, cracks, and other causes of damage.
4. Keep each roller rotating flexible, replace the rotor,
5. Whether the tape on the upper and lower layers of wear and tear, the ribs are wear and tear.
Second, it is necessary to do regular maintenance work:
1. Timely replacement and repair of tape.
2. Each part of the bearings need regular refueling.
3. Replace the worn parts.
4. Check the anchor bolts and the beam connection bolts firmly to re-tighten the work.
Equipment after each operation is completed, the need for timely cleaning and inspection. This can avoid the occurrence of other accidents, which requires a lot of attention.
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