How to use the Large inclination belt conveyors correctly


Large inclination belt conveyors are now a multicomponent conveyor which is an important transport material of mechanical friction continuity of the common role to complete their own operation.
From the starting point to the end is to achieve mechanical work processes. Can transport bulk materials can also transport a wide range of finished products. Of course, a simple material transport is only one of the other is to complete the industrial system composed of one of the different hubs, so as to achieve a complete pipeline operations.
Retractable tape conveyor and ordinary tape conveyor works the same way, is the tape as a tractor carrying machine continuous transport equipment, but increased the storage device and retractable tape device, etc., when the trolley to the tail of the end of the move , The tape into the storage device, the tail retraction; otherwise the tail extension, so that the conveyor has a scalable performance. The reason is that the conveyor belt tension is small or the drive roller surface sticks material or moisture. Tighten the screw tightly to increase tension. Clean the drive roller and increase the sweeping force of the empty sweepers. Conveyor belt at both ends of the deviation is the roller assembly position skew, should be tightened side of the tensioning device to adjust the screw to adjust the drum position. Adjust the position of the drive roller by adjusting the bearing housing. Conveyor belt in the middle of the deviation is the roller roll position is not correct. You should check whether the roller mounting position is perpendicular to the conveyor belt, otherwise release the mounting bolt to adjust the roller position. After adjustment, tighten the bolts. In addition, the feed point is not in the center of the conveyor belt may also cause deviation, should improve the feed situation.
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