Planning Method of Commercial Concrete Mixing Plant


Commercial concrete mixing plant programs and solutions Concrete as the world is largest use, the most widely used one of the building materials. Over the years, with the rapid development of China is socio-economic and urbanization, China is commodity concrete line is developing rapidly. Concrete as one of the world is largest and most widely used building materials. These years, with China is socio-economic and urbanization to create a rapid start, China is commodity concrete work has been swiftly launched. However, in the process of rapid development of commercial concrete in China, in many places there have been commercial concrete mixing plant program can not be scientific, the program can not be a reasonable question. To deal with the above questions, I believe that the need for concrete demand in the region and the number of commercial concrete mixing station program to conduct a full query guess, on the basis of the region to mix and mix the mixing plant to adjust and combine the commercial concrete Mixing station program more scientific and reasonable, more standard distribution to the habit of the situation to start the demand.
First, the demand for concrete speculation and mixing station program to understand the situation
1, the region of commercial concrete mixing plant program to query the status quo. Find out the existing mixing station appellation, program production capacity, then practice production, distribution area, then internship demand and so on.
2, the region within the next five years of commodity demand for concrete speculation and mixing station program program to find out the situation, find out the next five years: the demand for concrete speculation (million cubic meters), the demand for mixing station [sets), there is a mixing station The number of sets (sets), the number of new mixing stations (sets), mixing station distribution area and so on.
Second, the calculation of concrete demand
Method 1: a region of commercial concrete demand (use) = industrial and civil construction costs + other industrial and civil construction commodity concrete demand (use) calculation method
Guess the future of the project completed area: the completed area multiplied by the reading coefficient of 0.33-0.35 is ready-mixed goods concrete demand (perhaps use)
For example: a certain year the completion of a project area of 1 million square meters, the upper limit of the experience coefficient of 0.35, then ready-mixed commodity concrete demand (use) = 1,000,000 ¡Á 0.35 = 350,000 cubic meters = 350,000 cubic meters. The same time as the above-
Method 2: a region of commercial concrete demand (use) = the previous year, ready-mixed goods concrete demand (use) ¡Á (1 + next year fixed assets investment increase rate guess)
Method three: the calculation of the production capacity of the program According to the uniform situation of a city, mixing station practice output is generally 40-60% of the program capacity, take the center value of 50%, then: a regional program capacity = ready-mixed commodity demand for concrete conjecture ¡Á 2
For example: a year to guess the demand for commercial concrete capacity of 800,000 cubic meters, then, a local program capacity = 800,000 cubic meters ¡Á 2 = 1.6 million cubic meters, remote counties can be combined with the region to determine the situation reasonable internship.
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