The reason for the leakage of the large inclination belt conveyor


Some customers reflect that the large inclination belt conveyor always leak material situation, ask us how to solve? Today to talk about the bulk of the bulk of the problem of bulk material leakage.
In the transport process, the base belt is mainly subject to tension, its use effect plays an important role, if the rigidity is small, then the conveyor belt lateral deformation, causing sprinkling and so on. Generally require at least 6 layers of core layer. Large angle sweepers should cover the belt over 70 degrees (using the benefits of covering the tape to prevent damage to the baseband and to increase the volume of the material). Longitudinal tearing refers to the phenomenon that the conveyor belt longitudinal tearing and serious leakage material occurs during the operation of the steel cord large angle belt conveyor. Mainly by the core pulling, deviation, foreign body scratches, material stamping and other reasons. Most of the longitudinal tear occurs near the drop mouth. The material that falls when the material is loaded often contains sharp, sharp foreign matter. If there is a foreign body stabbed the conveyor belt, it falls to the caret or the rack, and the surface of the upstream conveyor belt is continuously wiped, so that the pressure of the foreign matter on the surface of the conveyor belt To the greater, until the barbed conveyor belt, causing tear.
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