Maintenance of Pneumatic System in commercial concrete mixing plant


First of all first to understand the main role of air compressor in the air compressor is mainly to compress the air, usually in use, sometimes mixing plant manufacturers will be accompanied by the corresponding storage tank to store compressed air, but we The manufacturer is point of view, this gas tank is not needed, plus the purpose of this tank is to save electricity, but we use the process of using the gas or no change, so that energy-saving effect is not obvious.
In the use of air compressors, our customers will often encounter such a few cases.
1.Check the valve is damaged, to determine whether it is only way to damage the valve is very simple, only need to automatically stop the air compressor ten seconds later, turn off the power cord, and then use the hand wheel to move a large tape, if you can Easy to turn a week, it means that the anti-valve is not damaged; the other hand, the check valve has been damaged; In addition, from the automatic pressure switch below the exhaust vent to judge, generally after the air compressor automatically shut down Should stop in about ten seconds after the exhaust, if the exhaust has been until the air compressor is stopped again, then the check valve is damaged, to be replaced.
2. Piston ring wear serious.If the air compressor pressure rise slowly and there is a string of oil when the phenomenon that the piston ring has been worn, so to timely replacement.
Air compressor in the mixing plant gas system is very important, the customer needs to have someone on the mixing plant of the major equipment system for regular inspection and maintenance, in the use of the process, we hope that customers can do the following to ensure that The normal use of air compressor.
1.Mixing plant air compressor to be fixed, place the horizontal position;
2.To ensure that the mixing plant air compressor ventilation facilities, as well as rain, exposure and other protective work;
3.Air compressor has its own rated power, do not increase the load of air compressor;
4.Regular replacement of commercial concrete mixing plant air compressor lubricants;
The equipment of the mixing plant equipment care, is your own requirements, but also for the late operation of the mixing plant.
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