Characteristics of Ready - mixed Concrete in Commercial Concrete Mixing Plant


Commercial concrete mixing plant equipment pneumatic system due to improper operation or poor maintenance, will cause different degrees of fault problems, to the production has a negative negative impact!
(1) commercial concrete mixing plant equipment inside and outside the cylinder leakage, generally due to the installation of eccentric piston rod, lubricating oil supply caused by insufficient. The center of the piston rod should be readjusted and the reliability of the oil mist should be checked frequently.
(2) the commercial concrete mixing plant equipment, the cylinder output force is insufficient and the action is not stable, the reason is generally due to the piston or piston rod was stuck, poor lubrication, lack of gas supply. commercial concrete mixing plant equipment should adjust the center of the piston rod position; check the reliability of the operation of the oil mist; gas pipeline is blocked, should be promptly clear the cylinder condensate and impurities.
(3) commercial concrete mixing plant equipment Cylinder buffer effect is poor, generally due to cushioning ring wear or adjust the screw damage, should replace the seal and adjust the screw.
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