Concrete mixing plant at work requirements


Concrete mixing plant work must be serious and serious, this is the relationship between their own safety and responsibility of the work!
5 Concrete mixing plant work Note:
1. Concrete mixing plant maintenance must be shut down power failure, maintenance period is strictly prohibited to open the master switch. And by the operator himself with the main switch key.
2. If the Concrete mixing plant needs to dismantle part of the installation equipment during maintenance, these components must be repaired after repair.
3. Concrete mixing plant electrical parts must be regularly overhauled, how to damage such as loose or burn must be immediately repaired.
4. Concrete mixing plant in the fuselage welding, in the wet case, should prevent leakage.
5. Concrete mixer in the mixing station process shall not be the mixer down, such as in the mixing process of the accident, should open the discharge door unloading concrete, to prevent concrete coagulation.
The above five points is the focus of our summary, we must seriously responsible for the purchase after the purchase.
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