Technology of Frequency Conversion and Energy Efficiency of Belt Conveyor


First, the technical name: belt machine frequency conversion energy efficiency system technology

Second, the technical areas and scope of application: applicable to the coal mine and underground gas, coal dust explosion hazard environment, but also for coal, metallurgy, chemicals, building materials, food, transportation and other environments, for the belt machine sequential control, Protection and multi-motor drive power balance.

Third, with the technology-related energy consumption and carbon emissions status quo

In the production of large and medium-sized coal mining enterprises, the need for extensive use of belt conveyor (hereinafter referred to as the belt machine) to complete the transport of coal. The traditional control method is to control the central controller PLC through the inverter control of the belt machine start and stop the order, when the belt reaches the rated speed, the inverter will lose control of the motor, the belt machine will be designed in accordance with the design Speed operation, which in the no-load, light load, etc. caused by the waste of electricity.

At present, the comprehensive power consumption of tons of coal produced by large domestic mining group is about 40kWh (up to 80kWh), and the power consumption of coal preparation is about 8kWh / t. The small and medium-sized mining group is limited by resource conditions and production equipment.

At present, the technology can achieve energy saving of 80,000 tce / a, CO2 reduction of about 210,000 t / a.

Fourth, technical content

1. technical principle

Belt frequency conversion energy efficiency system in the tape conveyor to install the flow sensor, through the PLC network system intelligent detection and calculation of the transport of coal on the tape, and with the inverter to achieve the belt machine energy-saving operation, to minimize the belt machine Power loss, improve the overall operating efficiency of the belt conveyor. The energy efficiency system is a set of protection and energy-saving control in one of the electronic control system, the control system, protection systems, communication systems and video surveillance system together to form a complete operation, scheduling, protection and monitoring network, through multi-level drive Power balance technology to ensure that more than one motor running together, to achieve the optimal operation of the entire transport system control.

2. Key technologies

(1) PLC network system intelligent detection and calculation, the entire transport system remote control, telemetry, remote, remote control;

(2) frequency conversion multi-machine drag power balance and a number of belt cooperation;

(3) the ground to a number of underground belt and long-distance coordination to achieve "coal more fast turn, slow coal slow", "along the coal from the car", "coal driving, no coal parking."

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