Research on Energy Saving of Frequency Converter in Coal Mine Belt Conveyor


China s coal mining is the main way underground mining, to facilitate the transport of coal, the vast majority of coal mining enterprises are using belt conveyor. Belt conveyor transport is not only convenient, but also to protect the safety of coal transportation. However, in the practical application process, due to technical problems, coal mine belt machine has been a high energy consumption characteristics, away from the concept of energy saving and environmental protection. So some researchers on the coal belt conveyor to improve, through the application of the way the inverter to improve the operation of coal mine belt machine to make it more reasonable. After the application of the inverter in the coal belt conveyor belt both in terms of life or energy savings have achieved good results. It is worth noting that the frequency converter in China s coal mine belt machine has just begun to use, there are still many problems need attention.
Energy performance of frequency converter in coal mine belt
The frequency changer plays an important role in the coal mine belt machine, its position in the coal mine belt machine is shown in Fig. During the study of the inverter, you can know that it has a very good effect in terms of energy saving, in particular, as follows.

1.1 Adjust the speed protection belt
With the continuous development of modern technology, underground mining has been mechanized, and through the power application to improve the efficiency and quality of coal mining. Coal belt conveyor in the course of operation, the main power is energy, so the motor is an important part of coal mine belt machine. In the coal mine belt machine in the application of the inverter, the motor starts to tend to soft, so that the coal belt conveyor can be slow to fast operation, to avoid the sudden start of the belt conveyor belt damage. But also adjust the parking speed, making parking from fast to slow, to protect the coal belt conveyor.
1.2 to reduce the stability of the operation
After the application of the inverter on the coal belt conveyor to bring a lot of changes, not only to adjust the coal belt conveyor start speed, and can effectively control the time. The inverter has changed the original start time of the coal mine belt machine, so that the start of the coal mine belt machine can have a gradual process to avoid the sudden start of the coal belt conveyor belt to bring the negative impact. Research shows that the traditional coal belt conveyor in operation, often the belt damage, fracture phenomenon, which is lack of control of the start-up time is directly related. With the modern coal belt conveyor belt constantly improved, the inverter to make coal mine belt conveyor running more smoothly, so the coal mining enterprises on the strength requirements of the belt began to decline, you can appropriately relax the belt selection range.
1.3 Power balance
Coal mine belt machine common types are monocular and binocular two. These two coal mine belts are not only different in form, but also different in drive selection. In the coal mine belt machine in the application of the inverter, no matter what form of coal belt conveyor can adjust the power, the motor application more reasonable, reduce the power output.
1.4 Protecting equipment to reduce expenses
The longer the service life of the equipment, the more resources can be optimized and the expenditure is reduced. In the absence of the application of the inverter before the coal belt conveyor life is generally short, often there will be excessive wear and tear, belt fracture and other issues. The application of the converter after the coal belt conveyor by the impact of the inverter to reduce the start and stop the adverse effects of the belt machine to achieve the purpose of extending the life of the belt machine. At the same time, because the inverter can be a good guarantee of the operating state of the belt machine, reducing the maintenance staff work intensity, reduce coal mine belt maintenance costs.
1.5 Save energy
The operating speed of the coal belt conveyor is proportional to the energy consumption, and the faster the operation is, the more energy is used. In the past work, the coal belt conveyor in the course of the operation has been maintained at constant speed, regardless of whether there are transport tasks will produce a lot of power consumption. After using the inverter, the running speed of the coal belt conveyor is related to its carrying capacity. The inverter will adjust the running speed according to how many times the load will be carried out, the speed of the belt machine will be kept to the slowest and the power consumption will be minimized The

Advantages of Energy Saving of Frequency Converter in Coal Mine Belt Conveyor
In the coal mine belt machine in the application of the inverter is the improvement of the coal belt conveyor belt, in the course of the use of a good energy-saving effect, specifically the advantages of coal mine inverter energy-saving mainly in the following areas:
A) to enhance the quality of coal mine belt conveyor transport. Conventional coal mine belt conveyor process, because the torque is difficult to adjust, so the belt conveyor running the entire process of running the belt can not be consistent, the tail often there are some problems, resulting in the accumulation of transport materials. And the adjustment function of the inverter can make the transmission of the force more uniform, improve the transportation problem, reduce the power loss;
B) The speed adjustment function of the frequency converter makes the coal belt conveyor machine more stable during operation, and will not damage the belt because of sudden start or stop. In addition, through the study of the traditional belt machine can be found, the traditional belt machine there are many drawbacks, not only energy consumption, but also need to maintain frequently, an increase of coal mine production expenditure. After the application of the inverter, the operation of the belt machine is more scientific, in accordance with the scientific way to start and stop, make up for the coal belt conveyor running in the process of waste, to achieve energy saving effect;
C) The most prominent advantage of the inverter is the explosion-proof soft start mode, according to the actual operation of the coal belt conveyor belt reasonable arrangements for the speed of operation, so that coal mine belt machine is fully applied to avoid waste of resources. At the same time, coal mine belt machine running more stable, its own loss is also smaller.

3 coal belt conveyor belt energy saving should pay attention to the problem
3.1 to upgrade the technical requirements to protect the technical quality
The purpose of using the inverter is to improve the quality of the operation of the coal belt conveyor belt to avoid energy waste. In the course of use, the staff must grasp the application quality of the mine belt conveyor and improve the relevant technology so that the technical level can meet the frequency converter Of the operational requirements. Practice has proved that the operation of the inverter is higher than the general equipment, so the staff need to do a good job of digital management, coal mine belt to achieve the operation of automation, the implementation of four quadrant operation, and strengthen energy feedback.
3.2 improve the mechanical equipment to strengthen the cooling function
Inverter in the application process will produce a lot of heat, such as cooling can not affect the application of the quality of the radiator. In the actual work process because the inverter is used in coal mine belt machine, cooling has certain special requirements, can not directly reference the traditional cooling method. Therefore, in the future coal mine production process, optimize the energy efficiency of the inverter needs to improve the mechanical equipment, strengthen the inverter cooling function.
3.3 focus on electromagnetic control to ensure safe production
Mineral resources are buried in the ground, for the effective exploitation of coal mines, the vast majority of mining work is carried out in the underground. Mining environment is difficult to control, the risk coefficient is large, the working environment is relatively poor. In the underground installation of coal mine belt machine, need to rush enough power, and harsh environment and often cause power instability, so that voltage, current is difficult to control, resulting in obstruction of transport. In view of this, in the application of the inverter process, the staff need to study the electromagnetic compatibility of the inverter, pay attention to the electromagnetic control to ensure the safety of coal production.
4 Conclusion
Coal mining not only to ensure the quality of mining, but also in energy conservation efforts, by improving the work methods, innovative application technology and other methods to achieve energy-saving purposes. Applying the frequency converter to the coal mine belt machine is of great significance to enhance the working efficiency and reduce the energy waste of the coal mine belt machine. Therefore, the relevant personnel should increase the research on the inverter, so that it can achieve greater results, and promote the development of China s coal industry.

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