The Development of Belt Conveyor


First, the foreign belt conveyor design system

Abroad has a number of engineering design company is committed to the belt conveyor design system research, and developed a unique design to meet the different requirements of the design system.

CDI is principally engaged in the design and consulting of belt conveyors and is a leader in the field of international conveyor design. Its main business scope includes mechanical design, horizontal curve design, dynamic analysis and control system design, equipment commissioning and commissioning.

Australia s Helix Technologies Pty Ltd specializes in engineering software development and has developed a range of software systems for engineering management, investment analysis, such as conveyor design, pipeline network analysis, pump selection and V-belt / chain drive design The

Second, the domestic belt conveyor technology research status quo

Over the past two decades, China s belt conveyor has been a great development of the belt conveyor key technology research and new product development have made gratifying achievements. A series of conveyor products, and the key technology of belt conveyor and its main components of the theoretical research and product development, the application of dynamic analysis technology and the middle of the drive And intelligent control technology, successfully developed a variety of soft start and brake devices and PLC as the core of the programmable electronic control device.

At present, many domestic research institutions in the belt conveyor research, such as the roller running resistance with the speed of the experimental study, for belt conveyor design and dynamic analysis, analysis of the turning part of the guiding force and resistance, The dynamic analysis system of the conveyor belt conveyor is established by using the discrete model to establish the dynamic equation of the system, and on the basis of the theory of longitudinal vibration and transverse vibration of the belt conveyor, The dynamic design method of belt conveyor and the design decision support system combined with this method and computer technology are proposed.

With the deepening of research work, the research on the dynamic performance of belt conveyor has accumulated a lot of valuable experience and information, and the time of using the new design method to study the dynamic model of belt conveyor has matured. Belt conveyor technology is the key to dynamic design and monitoring, it is restricting the development of large-scale belt conveyor core technology.

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