Control Method of Raw Material in Concrete Mixing Plant


The raw material is the  concrete mixing plant to carry out the fundamental mixing, then the concrete mixing plant in the work of how to control the proportion of raw materials, better play the effectiveness of equipment to produce qualified products?

Concrete mixing plant raw material control of the basic principles: raw material performance and stability, origin to a single, to minimize uncontrollable factors.
First, cement
1, according to the standard to do strength, condensation time. Results compared with the previous experimental results, if any changes in time to adjust the ratio.
2, with the same admixture samples, the detection of each batch of cement to adapt to changes (can be pulp fluidity contrast experiment), such as changes in large, change with the admixture and then do experiments (concrete experiments) to adjust the actual changes in concrete Match ratio.
Second, sand
1, according to the standard detection of mud, fineness modulus. Contrast with previous results, adjust the ratio according to the change. Increase the amount of mud, increase the amount of water, the amount of cement, or increase the amount of admixture. Fineness increases, increase the rate of sand; otherwise reduce the sand rate.
2, the apparent method to see the sand particles state. Large particles with or without texture, with the hands of the test grain strength wish wish. Such as the emergence of a lot of low particle strength, should be carefully tested. This kind of sand with caution.
Three, stone
According to the standard to do screening, crushing value, needle-like test. Such as gradation changes, to change the sand rate adjustment. Such as the production of high-grade concrete, to strictly control the indicators.
Four, admixture
Use the same sampling cement to detect changes in admixtures. Previously indwelling admixture samples and new samples, with the same sampling cement to do the paste fluidity contrast experiment. If there are changes, do concrete experiments, such as concrete experiments there are problems, coordinated handling.
Five, mixed with material
 1, according to the standard detection of fly ash fineness, slag specific surface area. Root comparison of previous results. Such as reduced fineness of fly ash, slag less surface area. To adjust the ratio, increase the amount of cement.
2, do concrete comparison experiments, see the machine consistency and early strength changes.

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