Cause Analysis of Conveyor Belt Tear of Long Distance Belt Conveyor


Long distance belt conveyor is both horizontal transport and can be tilted transport material, the use of conveyor conveyor belt continuous or intermittent movement to carry the following items 100KG or powder, granular objects for high-speed, smooth, Low noise and can be transported up and down. Daily belt conveyor is a modern enterprise operating line indispensable economic rhythm of the logistics transport equipment. Daily belt conveyor in accordance with its transport capacity can be divided into light-day belt conveyor and heavy-day belt conveyor.

Long distance belt conveyor is mainly used for electronic plastic, food processing and chemical medicine and other industries. But also with a strong transmission capacity, transport distance from the other easy to maintain its structure, you can more easily implement the program control and automation operations. As the daily belt conveyor is mainly through the conveyor belt to carry the material in the material for a long time to convey the conveyor belt is easy to cause the tearing of the conveyor belt, the following by Yu sound Xiaobian you understand the day of the belt conveyor caused by transport The reason for tearing.

The main structure of the conveyor belt of the belt conveyor is mainly composed of longitudinal core and the mother of the conveyor belt. The mechanical properties also have obvious viscoelasticity. In the process of transportation, The crack is a disruptive type of damage, and the tearing of the conveyor belt is a very serious accident for a large-scale belt conveyor. The general situation is subject to the trough at the trough of the different materials caused by tearing the most serious, will seriously affect the normal loading and unloading production, bringing huge economic losses, and belt tear is mainly longitudinal tear, so the belt The reason for longitudinal tearing can be analyzed as follows:

1. The material is jammed and clogged. This happens in the lower part of the daily belt conveyor. As the distance between the chute front and the belt surface is limited, and the belt under the buffer roller was spaced distribution, the natural bearing capacity strength is not uniform. When the unidirectional length of the material to be conveyed exceeds this distance, it is easy to make large pieces of material stuck between the front of the chute and the belt in a special case, and the belt is strongly squeezed.

2. Shaft tear; belt in the impact of the crack under the action, sometimes caused by the belt in the rope broken, after a long period of grinding, folding, pressure, pull and other external forces, broken wire rope will be from Belt joints, sticky mouth or wear more serious place exposed outside the gel. When the exposed wire reaches a certain length, it can be inserted into the drum, roller, etc., with the belt running, the rope from the belt cover plastic out, causing tearing.

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