Introduction of Commercial Concrete Mixing Plant Laboratory


1. Large-scale commercial concrete mixing plant laboratory is to check the workplace, must adhere to clean, regular. By the test staff responsible for workstations, pools, doors, windows, walls and equipment clean and sanitary work.
2. Test room to stop spitting, smoking, eating, do not allow to do with the inspection has nothing to do, not accumulation and inspection of unrelated items.
3. Non-inspection staff are not allowed to enter and leave the laboratory without approval. There is temperature, humidity control request, check the staff should also avoid repeated access to avoid the impact of environmental conditions control.
4. Commercial concrete mixing plant test room to have a full-time value of the system, every day someone cleaning, thoroughly cleaned once a week.
5. Do holiday staff on duty, to ensure that the maintenance room in the normal control of the scale to ensure that the necessary inspection work is normal.
6. Equipment and equipment parts to be properly kept, connecting lines, commonly used tools should be placed structured.
7. The establishment of substandard product test account, the emergence of nonconforming projects should be promptly directed to the leadership of the leadership.
8. Do not charge homework, the power cord should be placed structured, not across the aisle.
9. Food equipment should adhere to the situation is not enough, the use of the end should immediately fill in the corresponding use of record, if any unusual circumstances, check the staff should promptly to the leadership of the request processing.
10. Large commercial concrete mixing plant should be set up fire control methods, fire hydrant or save the barrel, no one can move the position or move to use it.
11. Check the product concrete mixing plant samples should be "not seized", "has been seized", "leaving" and so on, respectively, on the delineation, can not be placed everywhere, to avoid muddy, lost, damaged; special samples should be useful protective protective method , To avoid contamination of the sample or damage to the environment.
12. All kinds of books, documents, norms and record form should be handled by the same information, the application should be properly put away by the pilot, not free to put away.
13. To ensure that the inspection of commercial concrete mixing plant in the process of personal and equipment safety, test staff should strictly abide by the provisions of the safe handling.
14. Large commercial concrete mixing plant staff from the post, to really check the water, electricity is not closed; from the inspection room to close the doors and windows.
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