How to judge the quality of concrete mixing plant


First, the choice of cement, according to the contract requirements and engineering characteristics of the selection, and in line with the existing national norms. Cement appearance, to verify the factory certificate, and according to the rules of sampling, strength, stability, re-test, if necessary, when the cohesion and other experiments. The cement shall not be exposed to moisture during transport and storage. Cement plant after three months, it is necessary to re-test, and re-test use.

Second, the selection of sand to coarse sand or sand is appropriate, its grain gradation, mud content and harmful substances are in line with the "general quality of concrete sand and inspection methods" (JGJ52) rules. Pumping concrete is suitable for sand, which passes through 0.315mm sieve in the amount of not less than 15%.

Third, the size of gravel and pebbles according to the contract skills required to use, the particle grading plan, needle-like particles, the amount of mud and harmful substances to meet the "general concrete gravel particle size or pebble quality specifications and inspection Method "(JGJ53) rules. The size of the pumped concrete gravel is not more than 1/3 of the inner diameter of the pipe, and the pebble is not more than 2/5. Pit stop gravel aggregate, to be visual inspection by car, according to the rules of random sampling experiments, continuous production, the weekly test is not less than once. Experimental role recorded in the account, timely filing.

Fourth, the use of fly ash in line with the "fly ash in the concrete and mortar in the use of skills procedures" (JGJ28) and the relevant rules. Fly ash silos to set a significant symbol to prevent the mixed with the cement. Fly ash shall not be exposed to moisture during transport and storage.

Fifth, the quality of admixtures necessary to meet the "concrete admixture use of technical specifications" (GBJ119) rules. Where no factory certificate, to prevent the use of. Admixture appearance, the use of experimental before the experiment, the project has a concrete water reduction rate, cohesion time, strength and slump loss and so on. Admixture must be checked by hand, custody, payment, registered account. Classification accumulation, a significant symbol, powder admixture shall not be damp.

Sixth, mixing of concrete water, should be consistent with "concrete mixing water specifications" (JGJ63) rules.

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