Belt Conveyor are the most prominent advantages in transporting equipment


Linear belt conveyor is widely used in coal, chemical industry, metallurgy, building materials, electric power, light industry, grain and transportation transportation. It is suitable for conveying all kinds of bulk materials and powder products The It has a simple structure, continuous transmission, high efficiency, wide adaptability and more and more users get. This article is about the belt conveyor for the transport of various massive, powdery material transport and promotion of a new exploration and research.

Belt conveyors

    In order to improve the transmission efficiency, conveyor conveyor belt with ribbed tape structure. In the lifting height to reduce the length of the belt and the area, increase the tilt angle with the machine, in the tape on the interval with a diaphragm to prevent the material from falling. This new structure of the edge of the large angle conveyor its main features:

  First, the structure is simple, the transmission form and ordinary belt conveyor the same, the difference is in the flat belt on both sides are set wave edge, the middle interval with partitions;

  Second, high transport efficiency, in the same bandwidth to improve the amount of delivery, and to prevent the material down scattered;

  Three can be large angle to enhance the material, can shorten the captain, reduce the equipment area;

  Fourth, can achieve product standardization, serialization, common parts and ordinary belt conveyor common;

  Fifth, the ribs and partitions easy to install, easy for repair.

    First straight belt belt running reliable. In many important production units that require continuous delivery of materials, such as power plant coal transportation, steel mills and cement plant bulk materials are transported using linear belt lines. If the material transmission in these occasions unexpectedly interrupted, the loss is huge. If necessary, the linear belt line can work in a row to work continuously.

    Linear belt power consumption is low. As the material and conveyor belt almost no relative movement, not only the running resistance is small (about scraper conveyor 1 / 3-1 / 5), but also on the cargo wear and fragmentation are small, high productivity. Which are conducive to reducing production costs.

    Straight belt conveyor lines are flexible and flexible. The length of the line depends on the need. Short a few meters, up to 10km or more. Can be installed in a small tunnel, can also be set in the ground traffic chaos and dangerous areas over.

    According to the requirements of the process, the linear belt assembly can be very flexible from one or more points by the material can also be more or more sections of the discharge. When feeding at the same time at a number of points to the conveyor belt (such as a conveyor under a coal seamer in a coal preparation plant) or at any point in the longitudinal direction of the linear belt line through the uniform feeding device to the conveyor belt, the linear belt The assembly line becomes a major main line.

    Straight-line belt lines can be in the coal field pile under the pile of materials in the road, if necessary, but also to mix the different materials to mix. The material can be simply discharged from the head of the conveyor, or it can be discharged at any point in the length of the conveyor belt by means of a plow unloader or a moving unloader.

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