Long distance belt conveyor of the various structures and highlight the advantages


Long distance belt conveyor is a modern enterprise food industry commonly used machinery and equipment, with high precision production of high efficiency of delivery for the major enterprises to bring better economic benefits. Long distance belt conveyor you have to understand the number of indicators, why the major companies have chosen in the long distance belt conveyor as a variety of materials, transportation equipment, mainly due to the linear structure of the belt conveyor structure and its advantages , The following by Yu sound Xiaobian to take you to understand the composition of long distance belt conveyor structure and outstanding advantages.
General use straight belt conveyor by the conveyor belt, roller, roller and drive, brake, tension, change to, loading, unloading, cleaning and other devices.

1. Conveyor belt commonly used are: rubber and plastic belt with two. The rubber band is suitable for working ambient temperature between -15 ~ 40 ¡ã C. Material temperature does not exceed 50 ¡ã C. The inclination of the pellets is 12 ¡ã to 24 ¡ã. For large angle conveyor belt available rubber band. Plastic belt with oil, acid, alkali and other advantages, but for the climate of poor adaptability, easy to slip and aging. Bandwidth is the main technical parameter of long distance belt conveyor.

2. Roller single drum (tape on the drum of the package angle of 210 ¡ã ~ 230 ¡ã), double drum (angle of 350 ¡ã) and multi-drum (for high power) and so on. Slotted roller, flat idler, aligning roller, buffer roller. The carrier roller (consisting of 2 to 5 rollers) supports the bearing branch for conveying the particulate material; the aligning roller is used to adjust the lateral position of the belt to avoid deviation; the cushioning roller is mounted at the receiving Reduce the impact of the material on the belt.

3. Drive the drum and turn the drum. Driving the drum is the main part of the transmission power. Separate drum (tape to drum of the package angle of 210 ¡ã ~ 230 ¡ã), double drum (angle of 350 ¡ã) and multi-drum (for high power) and so on.
The tensioning device is such that the belt is brought into the necessary tension to avoid slipping on the drive drum and to ensure that the deflection of the conveyor belt between the idlers is within the specified range.

The first is that it runs reliably. In many important production units that require continuous operation, such as the transportation of coal in power plants, the transport of bulk materials in steel mills and cement plants, and the use of long distance belt conveyors in ships. If the downtime in these cases, the loss is huge. If necessary, the long distance belt conveyor can work in a row to work continuously. The same time as the above-
long distance belt conveyor with low power consumption. As the material and conveyor belt almost no relative movement, not only the running resistance is small (about scraper conveyor 1 / 3-1 / 5), but also on the cargo wear and fragmentation are small, high productivity. Which are conducive to reducing production costs. The same time as the above-

Straight belt conveyor conveyor line adaptability and flexibility. The length of the line depends on the needs. Short a few meters, up to 10km or more. Can be installed in a small tunnel, can also be erected in the ground traffic chaos and dangerous areas over. According to the requirements of the process, the long distance belt conveyor is very flexible from one or more points by the material. It is also possible to discharge the multipoint or several sections. When feeding the conveyor belt at the same time (such as the conveyor in the coal preparation plant) or at any point in the longitudinal direction of the long distance belt conveyor through the uniform feeding device to the conveyor belt, The belt conveyor becomes a major transport trunk. The same time as the above-

Straight belt conveyors can be in the coal storage pile under the pile of materials, if necessary, but also to the various layers of different materials for mixing. The material can be simply discharged from the head of the conveyor or unloaded at any point in the length of the conveyor belt by means of a plow unloader or a moving unloader.

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