The concrete operation of the concrete mixing plant


1, before starting to see some of the rotation with the barrel is not scratching the phenomenon, if scratch, should be adjusted.
2, the gear box should be written before the oil can be used, unloading worm gear and sliding bearings should also be written in oil.
3, pick up the material inside the barrel, the cylinder limit device lock, and then start the machine, such as the discovery of the direction of operation does not meet the requirements, it should promptly intercept the power supply, the wire of any two phase line AC orientation, Start again from scratch.
4, the concrete mixture into the barrel, close the tube cover, according to the mixing time to adjust the time relay relay (must be adjusted in the case of power).
5, press the start button, the spindle will be moving stir shovel operation, arrived at the time after the initiative to parking.
6, unloading the first stop, and then the material bit tied by the handle to release, and then rotate the hand wheel, by the worm wheel moving cylinder rotation to facilitate the discharge of the position, intermittent tumbling, and then start the machine so that the spindle can only discharge material , Until the material row clean off the spindle operation, turn the hand wheel to reset the material cylinder.
7, cleaning the barrel, the water into the barrel so that the spindle operation will be residual material within the barrel clean or clean with sand can also be.
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