Installation method of belt conveyor frame


(1) Belt head and drive roller installed at the location, with at least four anchor fixed. Adjust the base according to the installation centerline.

(2) After the head to install the storage bogie and roller, the length of 3m.

(3) Then install 8 sections of tension storage section, 3m / section. One to seven within the installation for the towing car and trolley car walking track, the eighth section of the installation of tension winch. This section is connected with 8 M16 * 55 screws, and 72 screws are used, and the lower part is connected with the base, and the lower part of each section is connected with the channel. The base rail and the connecting channel are equipped with rails Seat, fixed by welding method, each section of the track installed in the two bases and connecting rails on the track seat.

(4) Tighten the storage section after the installation of the body H frame, its increase or decrease can control the length of the machine. The first section of the H frame for the transition frame. H rack 3 m / s. Left and right with a vertical frame connection, each side of the vertical frame with ¦Õ12 * 90 expansion pin connected to the top of the H-tower on the channel.

(5) The tail is mainly the tail wheel and the idler group, the carriage of each section of the roller group with a shoe carrying base. The roller set is installed on each section of the roller group and is fixed with M12 * 50 bolts.
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