Treatment of Common Faults in Belt Conveyor


Belt machine in the use of the process, often because of external factors appear belt conveyor deviation situation, thus affecting its normal use, the following Xiaobian will share with you a few common belt machine failure treatment method, take a look Right now.

Belt conveyor belt deviation treatment? Belt conveyor running belt deviation is the most common fault. In order to solve this type of fault focus should pay attention to the installation of the dimensional accuracy and daily maintenance. There are a variety of reasons for deviation, need to be dealt with according to different reasons, the common are: adjust the roller, roller group position; adjust the transfer point at the blanking position; adjust the tension on both sides of the belt (adjust the weight center, Tension on both sides of the torque); installation of tapered, drum-type aligning roller group, anti-deviation in accordance with the wheel, ribs correction roller, anti-V-type correction roller and ordinary automatic correction device.

Today Xiaobian to share with you on the belt machine fault handling method so much, and hope to help you, if you have better suggestions, please contact us.
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