The concrete mixing plant is widely used in various industries


Concrete mixing plant in the construction work has played a significant role. It also applies to many other constructions. So it must adapt to a variety of on-site terrain conditions need to design the machine and its components according to different requirements, one of the most important is: for the machine technology to modify, add and expand, automation systems need to have a high level of flexibility.
First, the mixer
The task of the control system is to ensure safe and reliable mixing operation, which is mainly on the motor and mixer top cover to control the mechanism, the mixing tube indirect drive control is also necessary. Today, most mixers are equipped with a consistency measuring device. In addition, the mixing system is equipped with a microwave sensor and a temperature sensor for humidity measurement.
Second, concrete management
The concrete mixing plant management equipment includes a concrete silo, a concrete metering scale, and a feed screw controlled by a frequency converter. The metering or radar sensor is used to measure the amount of material in the silo. In order to avoid the generation of large amounts of dust, concrete mixing plants must also be equipped with air filters, the use of vibration principle automatically remove dust in the air. In addition, the use of sensors can also protect the silo, to avoid excessive pressure inside the warehouse.
Third, transport gravel
The gravel is weighed in the discharge chute or measured on the conveyor belt via a strain gauge. If a gravel truck is used, they are controlled by the frequency converter, the terminal position sensor and the safety terminal position sensor. The gravel silo consists of one or two vibrators to ensure precise filling. In demanding applications, the amount of sand in the silos is measured by radar sensors. If necessary, the radar sensor can also be used to measure moisture in the sand. In this way, by virtue of the collected measurement data can be carried out on the concrete pre-mixing process to adjust accordingly.
Fourth, water measurement
The water is first weighed by a weighing scale with two control valves, followed by a more accurate measurement using a parallel flow meter.
Fifth, add accessories
Concrete is produced according to the specific requirements of different applications, so its characteristics are not the same. Today, it is unimaginable to add any ingredients in the concrete production process, which are mainly added using pumps and metering scales.
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