The working principle of concrete mixing plant


Our brief introduction to the principle of concrete mixing plant operation, we want to know more about concrete mixing station We understand that we still need more understanding of some common sense in this area and want more common knowledge about concrete mixing station The concern Long Ding machinery.

On the use of concrete mixing plant is very much the use of the job, but the concrete mixing station on the details of the operating principle we use the time is not very understanding, here we come together to understand the details of the concrete mixing station operating principle. The classification of concrete mixing plant equipment according to the technical placement type is divided into single and double order two.

First, single-stage gravel, sand and cement and other information to the mixing station at the highest level to the storage hopper, and then weighing until the ingredients into the mixing, the material by the weight of the fall and constitute a straight production technology system, its technology It has the characteristics of high production efficiency, low power consumption, high degree of mechanization and automation, small placement, small footprint, but its equipment is more chaotic and capital invested, so it is used in large-scale permanent mixing station.

Second, the two-step gravel, sand and cement and other information in two ways increased, the first time the data will be raised to the storage hopper, the ingredients weighing, the second time to increase the data and unloaded into the mixer, the technical process It has the advantages of simple equipment, less capital contribution and fast construction. However, it has a low degree of mechanization and automation, large area and large power consumption.
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