What is a light belt conveyor


Composition of the rhythm of the assembly line is indispensable economic logistics equipment called belt conveyor, we also known as belt conveyor or tape conveyor.

Belt conveyors can be divided into heavy belt conveyors and light belt conveyors according to their conveying capacity, such as mining belt conveyors called heavy belt conveyors, and some used in the electronic plastic, food industry, chemical and pharmaceutical industries belt The conveyor is a light belt conveyor.

Belt conveyor with a strong transport capacity, transport distance, easy to maintain simple structure, can easily implement the program control and automation operations and many other advantages. It can also use the conveyor belt continuous or intermittent movement to transport 100KG the following items or powder, granular objects, its high speed, smooth, low noise, and can be transported downhill.

In short, a belt conveyor with a lower capacity for some light industry is a light belt conveyor, although its transport capacity is less than that of heavy belt conveyors, but still plays an indispensable role in industrial production.
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