Ingredients of concrete mixing plant


Concrete mixing plant equipment is also with the social development and the needs of users continue to improve and improve, but for the concrete mixing plant equipment ingredients work is a comparison of the primary work. Because the ingredients usually decide the quality of the project and other questions. So, concrete mixing plant equipment ingredients should pay attention to what matters?

Calibration of ingredients for concrete mixing plant. In the application process should pay attention to the calibration of the ingredients unit. For the same batching machine, not the same specifications of the aggregate, not the same as the door opening has a different calibration coefficient. Therefore, it is necessary to recalibrate the calibration factor corresponding to the batching machine when replacing the aggregate specification and adjusting the door opening. Especially in the use of the beginning, should pay more attention to the calibration of the work of the machine.
Concrete mixing plant equipment batching unit should always adhere to the batching machine in the aggregate specifications together. Aggregate specifications do not only affect the mixture gradation shaken, and will seriously affect the function of the mixture. Therefore, it should be severely enhanced material handling, to prevent the occurrence of mixed; together, the loader hand to carefully operate to prevent the occurrence of mixed positions.

Concrete mixing plant equipment before starting, should press the "power on the warning" button to show the alarm, outdoor bell rang after a few times, and concluded that there will be no danger occurs when the boot, but also through the sound amplifier to be warned. In normal production, occasional emergency can also be warned by this approach. The proportion and moisture content of the stabilized soil mixture (the mouth) and the moisture content of the equipment can be determined by means of sampling analysis. Then, according to the results of the analysis, the ingredients and the water supply flow will be adjusted again.

Concrete mixing plant equipment into normal work, should be equipped with three skilled staff, one in the console as a whole set of equipment work operation, the other two equipment work conditions, material rationing and feeding status of the inspection work, and To ensure that the work of the belt machine at any time to monitor and adjust. Find the problem in a timely manner to deal with or tell the operator to stop processing.
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