Environment friendly concrete mixing plant characteristics inventory


With the social environment changes, the city is haze weather is also more and more serious. The ever-present environmental problems of concrete production sites are becoming increasingly apparent, dusting problems in the mixing plant, waste water discharge problems, waste problems, and noise pollution problems. Environmental protection has become an important factor restricting the development of mixing stations. To solve the environmental problems of the mixing plant, we can strengthen the concrete mixing plant production management and equipment environmental performance to start.
The basic characteristics of environment-friendly concrete mixing plant:
The environment friendly concrete mixing plant has the characteristics of environment-friendly, resource-saving, appearance and internal environmental protection.
Environmentally friendly concrete mixing plant (floor) to achieve the factory-wide package, from the appearance point of view is a fully enclosed modern factory, no dust emissions, no noise pollution of the surrounding environment; waste water, waste recycling, no waste water, waste ; Modeling atmosphere, beautiful, and the surrounding environment in harmony; planning is reasonable, the plant greening rate is high. Compared with the ordinary mixing station, the real environment-friendly, environmental performance in a qualitative leap.
Saving resources, environmental protection, concrete mixing plant (floor) equipment, low-carbon energy-saving, high production efficiency; waste water, waste residue to achieve recycling; long-term use of wearing parts; equipment running, running, dripping, leakage and other phenomena; High pass rate.
The overall appearance of the whole closed and internal and external environmental performance inside and outside the current domestic a certain number of mixing equipment users are aware of the mixing plant environmental issues, and in different regions built a number of fully enclosed mixing station, but need to point out that Not the whole package of mixing station is environmentally friendly mixing station, nor is the equipment with environmental protection function is the environmental protection station; the real environmental protection station must be fully encapsulated and the equipment itself, a combination of excellent environmental performance, but also to do beautiful shape.
To sum up, environment friendly mixing plant (floor) is the mixing technology, environmental technology and architectural art of the perfect combination of modern factories.
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