Analysis of the operating rules of the tube belt conveyor


In the daily operation of the tube belt conveyor need to pay attention to some matters in order to avoid unnecessary accidents, the following Long Lan Xiaobian for everyone to analyze:

1, fixed conveyor should be in accordance with the rules of equipment and equipment on a fixed basis. Before moving the conveyor, the wheels should be wedged or tripped with a brake. To prevent the occurrence of walking in the operation, there are multiple conveyor parallel operation, between machines and machines, between the machine and the wall should be one meter channel.

2, the conveyor before use to check the operation of some, tape buckle and carrying equipment is not normal, protective equipment is not completely. The tension of the tape must be adjusted to the appropriate level before it is initiated.

3, tube belt conveyor should be no-load initiated. Such as normal operation before the feed. Stop the first load after driving.

4, rare conveyor in series operation, should be from the discharge side of the initial, start the first time. After all the normal operation, before the material.
5, the operation occurs when the tape deviation, should be adjusted to adjust, not barely used to prevent wear and tear to increase the edge.
6, the operating environment and the sent material temperature shall not be higher than 50 ¡æ and below -10 ¡æ.

7, transport belt to prevent pedestrians or by people.

8, parking before the need to intermittently into the material, such as the belt on the material unloading to do the parking.

9, the conveyor motor is necessary insulation excellent. Do not pull the cable and do not pull it. The motor should be grounded reliably.

10, when the belt slip to stop the hand to pull the belt to prevent the occurrence of trouble.

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