Routine maintenance and maintenance of concrete mixing plant


Concrete mixing plant life and normal operation and daily maintenance, maintenance has a great relationship, the maintenance and maintenance of the machine should note the following:
1. Concrete Mixer Use water to gauge the water inlet pipe to clean the mixing concrete in the main assembly, if any agglomeration, should be immediately removed (with particular attention to the discharge gate and mixing cylinder, between the blade and liner whether the agglomeration, check the mainframe And cement, said the connection at the mouth, and the dust collector connection at whether there is blocking the mouth of the agglomeration.
2. Regular lubrication by lubrication. The electric drum is filled with lubricating oil as required.
3. Each part of the fastening bolts often check the locking situation, especially the mixing tank seat, leaves and liner, so as not to loose.
4. Mixing between the blade and the liner is too large, should be adjusted to 3-5mm.
5. Electrical inspection: often check the trip switch, contactor contacts, etc., in time to repair or replace the faulty parts, electric control cabinet should pay attention to moisture and moisture, to ensure line safety.
6. Always check the belt deviation, if necessary, to be adjusted.
7. After the end of the work in the frozen season, the water supply system should be kept in the water supply system.
8. When the maintenance, maintenance and troubleshooting of the rotating parts are carried out, the mains must be disconnected before they can be operated. Remember!
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