The main components of the belt conveyor are analyzed


Belt conveyor is divided into three major parts: transmission, tensioning device, cleaning device, the following Xiaobian to give you a look at the belt conveyor these three parts of the specific role and the use of the process will encounter some problems.

1, transmission

Passing the torque of the motor to the belt is the so-called drive, and it is a device that allows the belt to move continuously. Its main components are divided into motor, drive roller, coupling, reducer and so on.

With the belt conveyor to improve the transport capacity and transport distance, the motor power is also increasing, multi-motor drive is gradually increasing. With multi-motor drive, you can reduce the height and width of the drive.

The drive roller is the primary part of the transmission power, it has a single roller and double drum of the points. Single roller drive with a simple transmission system, the advantages of less parts. But in the mine, in order to layout compact, increase the package angle, to the habit of underground adverse conditions. Often used double drum drive. The roller is welded or made of steel. The appearance of a smooth, plastic and plastic casting and other three. In the case of little power, ambient temperature, the use of smooth roller; in the power of large, humid environment, the use of plastic roller, in order to avoid tape on the roller slippery.

2, tensioning device

The function of the tensioning device is to ensure that the tape has a sufficient tension to bring the necessary friction between the drum and the tape, and to tighten the tape between the stands so that the belt conveyor is operating normally. Common tensioning equipment with mechanical tension, screw tension and heavy hammer tension.

3, cleaning device

Belt conveyor work, cleaning tape, roller and roller on the stolen goods is very important, because the stolen goods will cause the belt deviation and severe wear parts. Usually behind the unloading roller, set the scraper to clean the dirty surface of the belt, and the other is to install the reverse brush at the bottom of the unloading roller for cleaning.
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