How to solve the metering system failure of concrete mixing plant


With the application of concrete mixing plant more and more widely, concrete mixing plant in the actual use of the process will inevitably occur in one way or another failure, to the user unnecessary trouble.
1. Ingredients are not allowed
¢Ù with ingredients after the completion of the ingredients set with the value of the same weighing, and the actual material is much larger or less than this value, indicating that the scale is not allowed to check whether the stall is stuck, or other causes the scale can not move Ease, if necessary, re-calibration scale.
¢Ú After the ingredients show the weighing readings and set the material value of a great difference, should focus on checking some parameters such as the delay time delay is correct, the parameters are not appropriate when the reference value changes. You should also check that the set material value is too small.
¢Û ingredients machine ingredients kept, may be stuck was stuck, feeding sensor is not force, it may be sensor line failure or sensor failure, should immediately check.
2. Cement weighing failure
¢Ù the number on the instrument slowly down, down to about 20kg does not move, check the cement butterfly valve, careful observation is not caused by cement stall hole plug. When weighing the cement, the cement tube in the air can not run out, the formation of pressure, need to release through the air hole, if the pores blocked, it can only be said after the cement, slowly put the compressed air.
¢Ú mixing machine in the open when the cement scale on the negative value. This kind of situation if there is electronic scales of commercial concrete mixing plant will be easy to find. The solution is to increase and smooth the mixing machine out of the hole. Clean up the mixer is air pipe work should be done as a daily job. For the use of dust collector of the concrete plant also pay attention to regularly clean up the dust filter in the filter and the outlet pipe.
When the mixing plant measurement problems, the user should be based on the phenomenon of failure, corresponding to the above solutions, and gradually solve the problem, avoid panic.
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