Factors Affecting Measurement Errors in Concrete Mixing Plant


Commercial concrete mixing plant in the actual production process may be due to some reasons for measurement errors, thereby affecting the quality of concrete.
1. The structure of the batching machine is unreasonable to produce the measurement error
In order to make the sensor force evenly, should make the aggregate into the hopper after the center of gravity and said hopper in the center of gravity on a vertical line. In fact, the aggregate is not homogeneous material, plus the bucket itself design error, so that the theoretical focus and the actual focus does not coincide, resulting in three sensors uneven force error. Even if the hopper itself does not bias the center of gravity, but due to the process of feeding aggregate center of gravity shift, the same will produce weighing error. Therefore, it should be chosen to say that the hopper center of gravity is not biased and said hopper can move the machine itself, so that the center of gravity of the aggregate and the center of gravity of the bucket itself.
2. Human factors produce errors
In the process of ingredients, when the material in the hopper reaches the set value, the feeding belt conveyor will automatically stop, the pneumatic feed gate is closed, but at this time there is still some material falling from the air into the hopper, this part The weight of the material is called a drop. Most of the ingredients will not automatically correct the gap. In order to ensure the accuracy of ingredients, the general deviation of the material for artificial correction, the set value minus the drop value. After the drop value is set, there is also an error between the actual drop and the set drop due to the aggregate being dry or wet, or when the load is fed by the loader.
Most of the measurement error occurred in the mixing plant is due to the above two reasons, Changli production of the batching machine quality, accurate measurement, there will be no unreasonable structure of the phenomenon, the user only need to pay attention to use, you can avoid Measurement error, to produce high quality concrete.
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