Large inclination belt conveyor Operating Code Experience Guidance


Power on the process: turn on the large inclination belt conveyor power, the use of communication device issued a power inquiry signal, when you hear the tail and the post issued by the boot signal, the first test run, to determine no problem and then a formal boot, the operation should follow the following requirements :

(1) stand-alone load start, you must wait for its downstream start after the start of the machine;

(2) before the linkage or stand-alone start, the application of radio or ringtones to notice, hear the bell, the operator or other personnel should quickly leave the danger zone;

(3) in the large inclination belt conveyor after the stable operation of the material, the material should be uniform to prevent the partial load and overload phenomenon;

(4) stop before the supply should be stopped, and then the machine in the direction of the flow of the order of downtime;

(5) Under normal circumstances, the large inclination belt conveyor is prohibited under load conditions, long-distance large inclination belt conveyor due to the loading and unloading of a long time, with reliable safeguards under the conditions allowed to take off the large inclination belt conveyor;

(6) run-time to prohibit the maintenance of lubrication, unless the equipment lubrication parts with safety barrier, and no danger of the circumstances allowed to run in the lubrication maintenance;

(7) in operation, the operator is strictly prohibited in the vicinity of the rotation of the narrow place for maintenance operations;

(8) maintenance and cleaning operations should be shut down and cut off after the control circuit;

(9) The adjustment of electromechanical equipment, in particular the adjustment of safety devices, shall be carried out by full-time personnel;

(10) the control room staff should correctly record the motor operating current, the number of downtime and fault location;

(11) the operator should do the equipment maintenance; carefully fill in the run diary and fault accident records, repair staff to do a good job of repair records;

(12) the occurrence of an accident shutdown, before restarting, should check out the reasons for downtime and promptly ruled out;

(13) after the accident, should immediately stop, protect the scene and timely reporting;

(14) conveyor maintenance, the need to cut off the power, put "someone overhaul, forbidden to close the" brand, and then by the person to overhaul, after repair should be done "finish", the equipment is correct, To boot;

(15) work or overhaul, prevent people or tools out of the hopper or transport belt;

(16) operation, all personnel must not walk through the belt.

(17) below the movable part and under the hammer is strictly prohibited station;

The purpose of the safety inspection of the transport machinery and equipment is to understand the technical status of the equipment, to discover the problems in time, to carry out the inspection and to find abnormal parts during operation, and to be post-processing. This is a preventive measure and is made to be regular.

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