Modification of Operating Speed of Large inclination belt conveyor


The change of the running speed of the conveyor belt under the same operating condition of the large inclination belt conveyor.
large inclination belt conveyor in different operating conditions, the demand when changing the conveyor belt speed, especially in the usual maintenance may be in the belt during the operation according to the amount of load also need to change the speed of the large inclination belt conveyor, this Function is through the inverter to complete, the inverter is the most important drive system equipment, control system is also required to control the most important equipment, the inverter mainly control the motor speed. Before the belt is launched, given a different frequency, investigate the belt after the stability of the belt speed, investigate the speed is not changed, to complete the speed function.

Another important function of the inverter is soft soft parking, given a fixed frequency, set the frequency of the various parameters, given the appropriate launch acceleration time, so that the speed increases with the frequency gradually progress, and in accordance with the given Launch curve, such as S-curve, large inclination belt conveyor slow speed, so that not only the impact of small mechanical and electrical equipment, the other will not be directly driven by the motor will suddenly show more than the current of several times the current, Bring a great impact, so that the grid system is very unstable, which will impact the other electricity load, these are we do not expect to see.

Power balance is a very important point of this project, but also an important measure of the stability of the control system, according to the revised power balance subroutine to investigate the power of the main motor output, and a long time to change the load with the situation under the investigation of power Balance the conditioning situation, if the power balance conditioning is not aspiring, for example, there is a motor over the flow caused by downtime, perhaps the motor power fluctuation is too large and so on, on the one hand to see the reducer may drive some of the roller to see if there is some mechanical So that if these are normal to carefully detect the power balance vague controller of some of the procedures, careful analysis and correction, can make a large dip belt conveyor running smoothly.

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In order to make the control system invent more economic benefits, this article is to complete the existing large inclination belt conveyor based on different carrying capacity to complete a different operating speed , To reduce the cost of electricity for the company to reduce costs, so the test needs to amend the two procedures, a program is not some energy-saving conditioning, while others have energy-saving conditioning procedures, first of all to ensure the appropriate load conditions, the first The operation is not energy-saving some of the procedures, through the long-term operation, and punctual records of the power consumption, and then run some energy-saving conditioning some of the procedures, running time with no energy-saving conditioning procedures, like the same state under the state of energy consumption, the final Through the recorded data comparison, calculate the energy efficiency, and ultimately calculate the energy savings reduced by the economic input.

Usually the motor load power consumption for the extra power of about 75% of the motor power when the highest power in the belt under light conditions, the unit time in the appropriate decline in belt speed, appropriate to increase the large dip belt conveyor belt , At the moment to improve the motor running power. Together with the load in the same situation, according to the above torque and power connection, the speed down together also decreased the load power, so the selection of the appropriate speed not only can improve the motor running power, can play the effect of energy saving.

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