Concrete mixing plant can not be built in rural living area


Now with the city land prices continue to rise, urban environmental management gradually strengthened, in order to save costs, many manufacturers are willing to small and medium concrete mixing plant moved to the nearby rural areas, which to the local farmers and agricultural development has brought a lot of problems.Why can not the concrete mixing plant be built in rural areas? Long Ding machinery to answer this question for you:
1. Rural infrastructure is imperfect and anti-pollution is very low. Because many rural areas of the ecological environment is better, relatively low degree of pollution, so the anti-pollution intensity is also very fragile, and environmental protection facilities and the necessary environmental protection equipment is basically equal to 0. The establishment of concrete mixing stations, especially the operation of large-scale commercial concrete mixing plant, the pollution range is very large, more pollution sources, and a pollution may cause up to several years or even decades of influence, so the impact of rural areas of life and agriculture Product growth.

2. Rural traffic inconvenience, on the one hand to reduce production efficiency, on the one hand to improve transportation costs, while improving the entire business operating costs. As the current domestic rural roads still stay in the new rural construction of 2 meters wide cement road, and the roadbed is very weak, not to mention many have not implemented a new rural construction of the place. On the one hand the width of the road is not large enough cement truck requirements, on the other hand the road is very easy to be crushed.
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