Treatment of Large inclination belt conveyor Sprinkling Problem


The large inclination belt conveyor is a common question, the reason is also many aspects. But the point is still to strengthen the usual protection and conservation.
1. The transfer point at the sprinkling point at the transfer point is mainly in the hopper hopper, guide trough, etc.. Such as belt conveyor serious overload, belt conveyor guide trough block rubber skirt damage, guide groove at the steel plate planning time away from the belt rubber skirt compared to long material out of the guide trough. The above situation can be in the control of transport capacity, strengthen the conservation and conservation to be resolved.
2. When the concave radius of the belt is small, the radius of the curvature of the concave section is small, and the belt is vacated. At the moment, the belt is changed into a groove condition. Since the belt has now departed from the grooved roller group, To make some material spread out. Therefore, in the planning stage should be able to use a larger radius of curvature of the concave to prevent such attacks. Such as in the mobile mechanical loading machine, heap reclaimer equipment in order to shorten the tail car and the concave section of this planning into a non-circular transition interval, when the belt width selection margin is relatively small compared to the simple spread.
3. Spreading when the deviation of the sprinkling of the belt when the belt is due to the operation of the belt at the two margins of the height of the attack, while the other side of the low, the material from the low side of the sprinkled, the disposal method is to adjust Belt deviation.
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