Precipitation of concrete mixing plant


For the normal use of concrete mixing plant and extend its service life, after using the mixer should pay attention to do cleaning work.
First, regular maintenance procedures for the maintenance of the project, such as cleaning, lubrication, refueling, etc.
Second, the concrete mixing plant before the first check the controller is good, after stopping the water and stones into the mixing tube 10 to 15 minutes for cleaning, and then clear the water and stones. If the operator is required to enter the mixing cylinder to clean, in addition to cut off the power and remove the fuse, and to lock the switch box.
Thirdly, it is forbidden to remove the concrete accumulated in the concrete mixing plant barrel with a sledgehammer, which can only be removed with a chisel.
Fourth, in the cold season, after the completion of the application of water cleaning concrete mixing plant drum and water pumps, water tanks, water pipes within the net put, so as not to water pumps, water tanks, water pipes and other frozen.
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