Concrete mixing plant debugging methods


Concrete mixing plant is widely used in commercial concrete mixing, pipe piles, components, hydraulic, marine and other concrete concentration mixing sites, and according to different process requirements and the actual needs of the design and manufacture, so that each (sets) equipment with distinctive professional quality. So how should the concrete mixer be debugged? 
1, concrete mixers to set a variety of reasonable. Power supply voltage: the additional voltage of 380 volts, the error is ¡À 10%; motor and electrical components of the wiring can be reliable, the distribution box shell must be firmly grounded. Power supply zero line is necessary to be delivered to the distribution box on the wiring board N, all pipelines should be properly placed to prevent the operation crushed into the formation of trouble.
2, regular inspection items. Regular inspection of the concrete mixer of the reducer and the smooth parts of the smooth oil can be sufficient; to regularly check the forced mixer mixer mixing motor, two axle rotation direction should be consistent with the direction of signs, such as the direction of the wrong, should change the power wiring.
3, launched discharge organization, unloading door opening and closing should be accurate in place. Start the pump hanging water, the water supply system should work; according to the required concrete ratio to determine the amount of water supply, and conditioning the moment relay to the corresponding water supply time. Start mixing motor work.
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